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What is ACTA? What is Copyright? What does ACTA do to my online experiences? Is ACTA really necessary? PDF E-mail

Date: Thursday 22nd March 2012 17:00 to 19:00
Location: Radisson Blu, St.Julians

ISACA MALTA CHAPTER Members are invited to attend this educational event free of charge. They in turn, can be accompanied by a colleague / non-member to attend also free of charge (Bring-a-Collegue Initiative).

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Session Details: What is ACTA? What is Copyright? What does ACTA do to my online experiences? Is ACTA really necessary?


Why is there such a buzz about ACTA? Is it all true? What’s the hype about? Am I breaking the law? Will the big corporations hunt me down for downloading? How far will ACTA affect Malta’s legal position? Why do we have ACTA? Does ACTA have any real use? Is ACTA like SOPA? The ISACA

ACTA event will discuss the reasons behind the introduction and negotiation of ACTA, the backlash which ensued and will present the real criticism and review of what ACTA really says (including a debunking of ACTA myths). Close attention will be paid to what ACTA says about the digital environment. What about the criminal offences ACTA introduces? Must we totally change Maltese laws? Does ACTA nullify our freedom of expression? What about our right to access the internet and to generate and share data? Antonio Ghio and Jeanine Rizzo from Fenech & Fenech Advocates will be discussing these questions and more at the ISACA ACTA event.

Speaker Biography: Dr. Antonio Ghio & Dr. Jeanine Rizzo

Dr. Antonio Ghio heads the ICT Law Department at Fenech & Fenech Advocates. He destroyed his first computer at age seven and has been in a love and hate relationship with technology ever since. Ghio specializes in telecommunications law, data protection, Intellectual property law, e-commerce, remote gaming and internet law. For the ten years his work has solely revolved around ICT law issues and trying to find solutions that the constant struggle between law and technology creates, both inside and outside of the courtrooms. Ghio also lectures ICT law and Cyber Crime at the University of Malta and is a member of the board of directors of the Malta Communications Authority. He has an LL.M in ICT law from the University of Strathclyde and is a regular speaker on ICT law issues in conferences both locally and abroad.

Dr. Jeanine Rizzo is a lawyer graduated from the University of Malta who has furthered her studies in the fields of intellectual property law and art & antiquity law at Masters level at University College London. While in London she was a research assistant to Prof Norman Palmer, carrying out research on the law of bailment and on art law. She is now back in Malta, where she practices in intellectual property law and art law at Fenech & Fenech Advocates in Valletta. Jeanine specialises in Copyright (both new and old media), trade marks, patents, design rights, entertainment law, music law and film law. Her experience has taken her into the depth of the creative industries with tailored legal expertise to all matters concerning the industry. She is also a lecturer and examiner at the University of Malta, writes about the subject and a member of the Chamber of Commerce RTDI Committee. www.fenechlaw.com


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